Crazy Today Is Slightly Above Average In A Week

Average In A Week

You need to do things that are crazy.  There are many reasons behind this.  Other than being remarkable today, or letting your inner self out, one of the biggest advantages is that what you create will then have enough remarkable qualities to maintain some relevance for a longer period of time.  It will give people their winning item of the day, and will give you experience.  Here I discuss some examples of this.

Think about some of the craziest things you have seen people create or do.  When you first saw them, they got you thinking all kinds of thoughts, like that the person making them was crazy.  Once you got used to them, they almost became the template or foundation for what the next big thing could become.  In the same way, you can set the stage by doing something that pushes your ability, and opens the minds of many people.

A Crazy Amount Of Effort From Mr. Oatmeal

Recently, Matthew In man of The Oatmeal, a comic/designer who has made some very well-drawn posts, has gone crazy with his posting material.  He has put out loads of effort into unique designer-type pictorial messages that relate to the masses.  His material has done very well on the social news site Digg.  While he may have been called crazy by people who thought he was putting out too much effort all at once, he has amassed a huge following thanks to that, and now, after his build-up period, is now above average to what I feel is at least tens of thousands of people.

Bud Went Hard Against An Issue

Another example that comes to mind from a writer is an article Bud from A Boundless World wrote about education.  He attacked the current education system for some of its qualities, and this might have been viewed as too much to try, or crazy to even insinuate, but he put it out there, and although there may have been some backlash, the feedback to it was huge.  Now, looking back, that article can be seen in a new light, as it did make some valid points, and got a lot of people to discuss how they felt the system was broken as well.  It was just crazy enough at the time to be remembered as an above average post today.

Lady Gaga Pushes The Envelope

Lady Gaga also provides a great example of this.  Not to mention her whole career as a valid example, her song “Bad Romance” has a music video that is quite crazy in many ways, and pushes it as far as fashion or wacky scenes.  The first time you see this video, you likely think of it as crazy, or something of that nature.  However, after you see it some number of times, as crazy as the video is, you start to get used to it.

Before you doing something way out of your league, you feel like you might be punished in some way for not staying to your regular material.  One point is that this is not likely to occur in the majority of cases, since there is always someone who supports your boldness, and possibly your concept, and also because the concept of staying in your small zone is bigger in your head than in the public eye.  We see our world as much larger and prominent than others see our world.  We might see ourselves as a leading voice in the world, while many others might just see us as a member of the local city of commerce.  Perspective is a big part of what we think is “crazy”.

Remember that what you think is over-the-top for you might be just enough to give others a good impression of you as a bold individual with something worthwhile to contribute.