Quick & Easy Oatmeal Muffins with Philips Air Fryer

Oatmeal Muffins

Welcome back to another session of cooking with technology using Phillip where each one of you can be super chef you know some of you have asked me if we can make muffin using philips air fryer yes we can and it is very easy so today I’m going to show you a very simple method, a recipe also to make the muffins and in this.

Oatmeal Muffins

I’m taking a hundred grams of butter and in this take hundred grams of icing sugar powdered sugar and we’re going to use the Phillips hand blender too nicely cream this whenever I cream it with the hand

it takes a lot of time and it’s painful and you’ll never get the real nice aeriation in the butter and sugar mixture but with the hand blender life has become very easy so just run the hand blender in no time this powder sugar and the butter will be creamed with the Phillips hand blender you can cream the butter and powdered sugar very easily now in this.

I’m going to add some vanilla essence and also we’re going to add egg but just beat the egg and add very little at a time just little bit and then we’re going to cream it that way it will be mixed nicely yeah okay just make sure take a spatula and remove off the sides and put it in the center and once again keep adding the egg little by little and finish all of it and mix it well,

Now look at this very well creamed and not cuddled so now here I’ve got you know same hundred grams of flour in this add pinch of baking powder, in this add 50 grams of oats and also add raisins ok and before you add this into that just mix this flour, oats and raisins well if you want you can also add nuts dry fruits to this but just making it with oats today this oats is nicely mixed to the flour and here I’ve got the mixture.

We’re going to do you know folding method where we’re going to add the flour you can add the entire thing at one time and now we’re going to cut and fold that means just cut it like this and fold it so like this and fold it just keep doing like this till all the flour is absorbed by this mixture once this mixture is nicely mixed we’re going to put this mixture into the muffin moulds now we’re going to put the muffin mixture into the mold ok if you have smaller moulds you can make lot of them in this that should be good just make sure that you drop in this picture just two spins of mixture should be good enough so that this becomes full and nice ok that should be good now preheat the airfryer for three minutes at 180 degrees centigrade you know once it is preheated pull the basket out just put this muffin moulds in here and just put them in and now at 180 degree centigrade for around 10 minutes you will have awesome muffins ready, after around 10 minutes we’re going to check the muffins ok now look at them so perfect and you know wow they look really good and perfect but we got to let this cool down then we’re going to try them.

I’ve just finished one muffind before i could show you knowlook at this muffins perfectly done you know better than any store bought one but also the thing is you can make this in air fryer with ease look at them nice crunchy on the outside and awesome inside Wow with the words muffin wow, mmm such wonderful muffins you can make it home by using philips air fryer mm just too good nice crunchy texture outside and wow I’m tellin him there’s nothing like eating fresh muffins just you know airfryed wow this is all about cooking with technology be smart move ahead cook with Philips airfryer enjoy life innovation and you Phillips. Learn more about it