Creating A Routine Where You Remain The Bigger Person

The Bigger Person

As you go through your day, you have many chance to show others that you will remain on the high road.  While it will not be a directly visible concept to those that aren’t on the high road, those who are will respect your self-control.  Instead of getting caught up in small matters or conflicts, you can choose to go beyond them, working on larger matters, and attending to conflicts that are more relevant for weeks or months into the future.  Here I discuss maintaining a response pattern like that of an upper management individual:

Upper Management Is Not Concerned With Trivial Matters

If someone in a programming company has a hard drive error that causes them to lose an hour of work time, a manager doesn’t want to hear excuses about that.  The important item is to fix what has been lost and move on to the next step.  This is why you want to absorb the mindset of an upper management individual.  If someone has provided you with information about matters that are meaningless to your efforts, it is wise for you to accept the information and move on, because time is of the essence.

The Best Way To Win An Argument Is To Stay Out Of It

This is a fairly well-known concept, in that you win an argument when you stay out of it because you keep your time and effort for your own interests.  During an argument, both people taking part lose time and effort.  You can win an argument, but you can’t get the time back that you spent taking part in it.  This time is your tool to build a reputation and get practice in your field of interest.  People with big intent will have the shortest arguments imaginable, as they either respond very quickly and close up the situation, or stay out of it and maintain their focus.

People Will Remember Who The Bigger Person Was

When there is a conflict, we tend to think that the winner of the conflict is the winner.  This is not the case, as the loser of a conflict, either by forfeiting, not taking part, or giving up quickly, may be the one who is thinking in larger terms, and was not willing to give up their time.  You can be this person, who will be remembered for their quick response and conclusion to the conflict.  Others will realize that you have assignments or projects that you view as more important than a trivial “win” if you readily depart from an argument and continue forward.

The Way To Remind Yourself

When about to engage in an argument or conflict, remember than you will either win or lose it, and will be guaranteed to lose your time and energy, but if you don’t take part in it, you will win it by default of higher priority, and save your time and energy.  The decision should be easy the next time around.