Create Win-Win Situations

Win-Win Situations

You can benefit by taking part in more


situations. If you can avoid regular situations that have a losing and winning result in your mind, you can increase your ratio of upward movement, and this is because you will use

less energy

thinking that you could lose out in the process. What is the meaning of a win-win situation? Here is a description of what I am speaking of:

I will first give an example of that which is a regular


situation. For example, there is a person that wants to join a group or organization. The person applies to one group and has in mind that he will either get to

join or be rejected

. This is a win-lose scenario that causes some


during the process, and also can lead to disappointment afterwards. I’m not saying that all win-lose situations can be avoided, but some can be

re framed

into win-win situations before the result of them arrives, and actual win-win situations can be created as well.

Reframing A Win-Lose Situation As A Win-Win

Re framing situations into win-win situations is a mental exercise to be performed


the situation occurs. Let’s say that you are looking to do a deal with someone. There is a chance that the other person will accept the deal and there is a chance that he will reject it. You could go straight into the deal without setting up the situation in your mind, and the result of being rejected could have

negative effects

on you if the deal was important. The negative effects can be reduced by spending some time setting up the variables of the situation

in your mind

before it occurs. You could precede the meeting by laying out the possible outcomes as successes in other categories, in ways like this:

1. Keep in mind that the person is doing you a


if he rejects your proposal, as it didn’t fit the requirements.
2. Know that the person you are dealing with will want to


you to another person if he is not interested in accepting the deal.
3. Add the activity as another notch on the


scale that one of your deals will go through. An increase in attempts serves to result in an increase of successes.

Ways To Create Actual Win-Win Situations

Creating actual win-win situations takes a bit more


. One example is a surveyor asking people about a new invention and if they would want to use it. Some of the people surveyed will not want to take part in the survey. This is

not a negative

in this situation as it is another item that is logged into the results list by the surveyor. The surveyor

can’t lose

because any response is reported as a result in the survey. Another example is of a person that goes


on a project, such as by making a special art design. Creating material more complicated/exciting than the minimum requirements is a win-win situation, because the person going overboard either wins because it gets accepted, or wins because his project more than meets the requirements, and

others will take notice

of that. There are numerous situations where putting in a solid helping of effort will create a win-win situation